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Re: Q & A- rocketassist

Originally Posted by Litotes View Post
What do you think of Glasgow Rangers demotion to 4th division?

How many bans have you had in your 5½ years at MTF?

How many voluntary breaks have you had from MTF of any length, and how long was the longest?
1 Amusing, very. There's no way that 'sevco' could have started in the SPL again. Their fans continue to whine and spit the dummy out by not taking ticket allocations in the cup against SPL teams but how could they be let back in when the oldco was breaking a whole load of financial rules?

2 Two. One for breaching a wishing death rule privately in the chat thread. Since then cause of it I've had no sympathy for anyone else caught doing it. The second was a recent 2 week ban for infractions accumulated while helping save MTF from evil forces.

3 None particularly really, though when I go on holiday somewhere I have no interest in coming on here when I have lots to do elsewhere.

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