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Re: Q&A With Slasher

I said I'd ask you questions so here goes. A mix of funny (or failed attempts at being funny, which will infuriate you or make you struggle for answers), provoking and serious questions.

1-Have you ever felt that you settled in (you know getting married and having a kid) too soon or you're perfectly happy with how things are? I ask this because I'll be 20 in a few days and can't even fathom having a steady girlfriend in the near future, let alone being a married man with kids, so just curious.

2-How are babies made? (see this as a sort of preparation for when your daughter asks you this in 8-10 years ie be witty and not too, well, graphic)

3-Where and when did you meet your wife?

4-How long did you date before getting married (also when did you get married)?

5-Have my questions so far been either stupid, annoying or too personal?

6-What's your favorite Star Wars character?

7-How about your Star Wars favorite quote?

8-Do you possess any Star Wars gear?

9-You listed Del Potro and Nishikori among the players you're following. What are your expectations for them in 2013/next few years?

10-Have you ever watched any tennis match(es)/tournament(s) live? Which one(s)? Also, who was the player you most liked watching live?

11-Who do you think will be the next new Slam winner, in other words the next Slam winner not named Hewitt, Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Del Potro or Murray?

12-Del Potro's US 2009 title - deserved and amazing achievement or fluke win over injured Nadal and choking Federer?

13-Murray's US Open 2012 title - deserved title or wind and scheduling assisted fluke?

14-I always believed and I'm not the only one that the tennis ranking system is flawed and inaccurate, very often not a correct representation of quality (more in the WTA, since at least recently ATP top players have been so consistent that this has not been a big issue at the top). As someone who obviously knows a lot about the ranking system, is there some merit to this view or is this an opinion whose holders should give up tennis analysis and join a circus, where their talents can be put to better use?

15-Answer the question on this link (no one other than Slasher should open this link, could be traumatic. Do so at your own peril )

16-Can you ever trust a link sent by me again after this?

17-You said you liked Heroes in my Q&A thread. What's your favorite character and whose superpower would you like to have given the choice?

18-Are you an anime/manga fan or you just knew them by name?

19-What are your favorite TV series?

20-How about favorite movies?

21-Favorite books?

22-Which countries have you visited apart from your own and which ones would you like to visit?

23-What's your opinion on MTF poster Mark Lenders ?

24-How did you come across MTF in the first place?

25-Which is/are your favorite football team(s) and player(s)?

Ok, this should be enough for now. I have more in mind though, will ask once you're one with these
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