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Re: Attention Seeker Thread. - Apocalypse Now..... Enlightenment Tomorrow.

Originally Posted by Punky View Post
what was the name of the book that hook u so much?
I don't even remember. It was over 10 years ago... A series of short stories about his family life I think?
(thx for the rep, that would be wonderful, always wanted to see that part of the world. ) How are tourists viewed in Israel btw? Is it an easy country to travel?

lol why its hard to know with me?
in the army we are discipline but after and b4, not so much
I meant Saulo.

Originally Posted by tripwires View Post
JG claimed that he logged in to MTF and found out that he was banned for having a DA which he insisted that he never created.

Regardless of whether he created one or not, I think, as a matter of principle, the mods should PM posters suspected of having created DAs so that they can defend themselves instead of just banning them outright. At the very least, it would reduce some of the complaints of muggy moderation.

So tired now. Had a crappy mark for my essay...I feel so demoralised.
What a mess.

Sorry about your teacher's poor eyesight, if only he could see better to properly appreciate the brilliance of your essay.

Originally Posted by acionescu View Post
Ofc, here it is

I downloaded first, I'm cautious like that

he is also doing Manrico in Munich in July, I'm so tempted...

No Romania, sadly , that would be like Rafito playing BCR Open

Otoh, seeing the state of Rafto's knees, who knows?

Now, we have the money for appearance fee are only good enough for Johan "i ate a whale for breakfast" Botha
Oooh, thank you. Do you prefer him in Verdi or Wagner?

Originally Posted by Ilovetheblues_86 View Post
Lol, sometimes even I have the difficulty to know if I am joking or not.
But brazil need more education than discipline courses probably...otherwise it would be just another european country xax.
You think the Brazilian educational system isn't good enough? The country is definitely progressing quickly, I thought there were no problems with the educ. system.
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