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Re: New rule for first few months of Challengers next year

Originally Posted by TBarm7 View Post
So you're telling me that you wouldn't be pissed if on set point against you, your opponent clips the tape on a second set and it trickles over for an ace? During a point it happens all the time, but since its part of the game and has been a rule forever, we are use to it. Trust me, I have not talked to one player on tour since this rule was being discussed that is in favor of it. It was put in college as the "John Isner" rule, for cheating, but since D1 matches have chairs now, its not that big of a deal.
"John Isner" rule? Weren't lets eliminated from men's D1 four or five years before Isner showed up at Georgia? I thought it started in the late 90's. Anyway, the fact that most of the bigger matches have a chair umpire on each court means very little, as many of the umps are clueless. Men's D1 definitely made the right choice eliminating lets.

As for the pros, I'm typically a traditionalist and don't like to see rule changes. However, I can see some of the arguments is support of a change.
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