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Re: 2012 MTF Popularity Contest News Thread

Originally Posted by Litotes View Post
Is this specific to this competition or is it your personal opinion? I noticed AJ voted in the ACC contest, and JG in the PopCon.
It's just my personal opinion, mate. I think it looks a little biased when an organizer is going to vote, campaign and stuff. An organizer should be unbiased and provide help to every contestant equally.

Originally Posted by Nikki♥ View Post
I will never forget the countless amount of rotten eggs and tomatoes I saw coming my way when I was running Mr. MTF and was actively participating as cheerleader at the same time. Bottom line: it is best to stay neutral when you are running such a contest, abstain from voting, rigging the draw in favor of your vfriends or whatever. It is useless, only creates drama. Especially when one vote can decide an entire match, an organizer shouldn't get involved.
Exactly what Nikki said. You don't want to create unnecessary fuzz. And if you host 1 contest in let's say 3 years you can still vote for 11/12 contests so 1 non-voting contest wouldn't kill you.

Even better: never run a contest at all, no one will thank you for that anyway, they will only complain and whine.
There have to be people who organize contests, otherwise there won't be any
And I think these contests in the off season are pretty fun since there is no tennis around.

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