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Re: 2012 MTF Popularity Contest News Thread

Originally Posted by Taejin View Post
Anyway, before anyone here gets permabanned, he gets a ton of warnings and a ton of short bans. If he/she still gets permabanned in the end, then we are usually talking about a hard-core troll or simply a nutcase, no need to see them again via DA.
Not true. I got permbanned without any warning. At least it felt like that to me. I made a joke, got 3 months ban for death threat in the middle of USO. Didn't even know for what! Had no idea it was my joke on live scores thread, thought it was for an angry threat to kill Kuznetsova on chat Used my friend's account to tell people on chat thread of what happened, got 3 more months of ban. No message, no warning, just additional ban. A month or so later my sister who witnessed me playing games on MTF offered to open accounts. I showed her what to do, she herself registered, started posting, started playing PAW/suicide (not regularly), few weeks later she called me and said she was banned. I opened my account and discovered I was banned permanently.

The point is, I believe Johnny had a friend or roommate whom he talked into opening an MTF account, as I did. But when mods make their decision, you can't talk to them, can't explain anything, there is no dialogue. All you do, you write an appeal and wait. I must say, you feel pretty helpless. And I believe that makes MTF less interesting place. Look at TF, it's so much more fun there right now! Too bad WTA sucks
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