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Re: Federer : The Mother Of All Quests : 20 Slams And 100 Titles.

Originally Posted by Yolita View Post
That's one way of looking at it. There's another one. These are the 8 semifinalists of the Madrid Masters in 2012:

Tipsarevic - Del Potro - Berdych - Federer
Radwanska - Hradecka - Azarenka - S. Williams

Not one of them made the finals of Roland Garros. Not one... Out of eight.

It sort of proves that Madrid wasn't exactly the best preparation for the most important event on clay: Roland Garros. It's not surprising that the so called "whiners" are precisely the players who actually felt that they had a shot at winning Roland Garros and took their preparation seriously. And they were right: they made the finals, not only of Roland Garros, but of all the other Masters on clay as well...

I'm sure that if a flashy millionaire managed to buy his way into the ATP and produced a fantastically hyped, celebrity&entertainment-oriented Masters 1000 tournament on a surface completely different to the Wimbledon grass, in the middle of the grass season, players like Federer and Murray would not like it, would complain about it and would most likely skip it: why would they jeopardise a Wimbledon title for 1000 points?

Results show that Rafa and Nole made the right decision in bowing out of the Madrid Masters early.
I agree that there's a logic that they try to get a surface more similar to the clay season in Madrid and that the "powerful whiners" were right on that peculiar topic, even if I liked blue colour and I'm not convinced at all that colour was the problem here.

But implying that Nadal and Djokovic lost on purpose (which, on the men's side, is the only thing present in your "8 players demonstration" ), well ... it's not serious

you could maybe say that for Djokovic in a small extent, even though it was very visible that even if he wanted, Djokovic was just not able to move on that surface (and from what he does on grass, we know that he doesn't like sliding surfaces a lot).

But for Nadal in Madrid no just no he didn't lose on purpose to Verdasco

I know I've read even more ridiculous things about tanking in the end of the year, but this is not serious.

Originally Posted by Yolita View Post
I'm sure Tiriac will have a blue clay tournament soon, nothing wrong with that: just don't place it in the middle of the clay season, it could prove costly to the players who actually have a shot at winning Roland Garros.
personally I think that blue colour is condemned for long because of that failure, and I think it's a pity because once again, I'm not convinced at all that it's impossible to make a good blue clay. Besides, Tiriac is a businessman and I don't think he will try another experiment. I think the idea will be taken back one day, but I'm afraid the blue clay is now condemned for longer than it should have been without that stupid failure.

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