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Re: Rising Francesco, volume 16 - Italian yummy yummy wonderland

Originally Posted by samanosuke View Post
but again i think there are in croatia few elisa i am sure . elisa isn't used often, it's more like scientific term so people aren't aware of it.

rocky maybe, rambo isn't well known croatian name .

don't want to offend if somebody has this name but when first time i heard Facundo it sounded like s*** or so

few weeks ago was just talking with friend about the " strange " name of people which we know and we concluded that we know many people with non standard names
Elisa is a beautiful name. It should be more popular over there. Croatian women names can sound so "diva-like". I can't come up with one right now but I have heard plenty which I wouldn't give to a little girl. They sound rather like names for stuck-up divas or so.

My bf has plenty of friends named Facundo but still he always finds a reason to make fun of this name whenever I mention it. Same goes for Ezequiel. He says it sounds like a for a hobbit or something like that.

Standard names are horrible anyway. There are way too many people with my name. Speaking of which, I'm not sure but I think Nikola is a name for guys over there (like Nicola in Italian) but here it is strictly for girls.

Who wants to play with my balls?

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Bičuj me mamita!
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