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Re: Nole Buys World's Supply of Donkey Cheese

Originally Posted by Yolita View Post
Novak didn't buy it...his restaurant bought it, for its clients... There's nothing wrong or odd about it... Some French restaurants buy the entire production of truffles in a certain region, to offer their costumers. Truffles are sold for up to $3500 a pound.

Why this is news, beats me...

But I'm not complaining: as Oscar Wilde once remarked: "There's only one thing worse than being talked about: not being talked about".

As long as people keep talking about Novak...
Off season...anything where you can come up with a legitimate "ass" pun is news (ass is another name for donkey, if any non-native English speaker should wonder). As for the things one buy, I've certainly seen worse than this. Not that I'm tempted to eat some myself....
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