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Re: 2012 MTF Popularity Contest News Thread

Originally Posted by samanosuke View Post
Would really like to see what is the principle of finding out DA . If somebody is doing it he knows what he is doing, IP address has 10 numbers in it so even if you use the same PC for it after every router restart at least few last numbers are changing, it still would be showing the same area or town but it can't be 100% accurate if you restart router and clean the cookies before logging in. So only 100% accurate way of finding it is statical IP or logging in without restarting internet router . Pretty rookie mistake for somebody so passionante in it

I mean, I am often logging in from public library so there are good chances that some other MTF posters could use it because there is something like 10 PCs
Restarting router doesn't mean you'll get a new IP address every time; an address lease can last few days depending on your provider's settings. Moreover, even if you use 10 computers, that usually doesn't mean you posted 10% of your posts from each. More likely you posted majority of posts from few different ones, if not from just one computer. The style of posting/expressing also counts and I guess in the end it all adds up.

Of course, one could be careful and avoid all that, but guys who make DAs usually aren't that sophisticated I guess

“There’s so many athletes, tennis players around the world,” he continued, trying to put his life into some kind of perspective, “they want to be the best in what they do. They want to succeed. Many of them, they don’t succeed in the end. I’m fortunate to have this opportunity and succeed.”
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