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Re: Q&A with NS <3

Originally Posted by Kowchi View Post
What animal would you be if you could pick any one.
Leopard or panther, but leopard is my choice

What are your top 2 best and worst qualities?
1)Im a very nice person. Im always nice to people. I think my niceness get me in so many places.
2)I have a very ecletic taste in fashion, im not a one style person, i take different pieces of fashion from different group of styles and make my own style.

1)Well i say i do mostly take things serious, that is if i understand what sense of humor you tried to tell me. Or when i dont notice it at times i just vent off like crazy.

2)Hmmmmm....Im a very emotional person. Ive always been like that! Alot of things have happened to me alot, like bulling, betrayals, relationships, friends, family and all types of issues i had. It gets to me.

Why did you join MTF?
Actually i dunno why i did, i guess i want to see what its like to chat with others who know about tennis, i thought it was all about tennis but its more than tennis actually, and i do prefer being in MTF more than TF, but i like TF too.

How has MTF changed you for better or for worse?
At first i didnt know what to expect. One thing that stands out is that my username when i first joined the forum, i probably had alot of badreps, i didnt know you can check reps out or should i say i didnt actually know what good or bad reps mean. But at first i didnt like it, i felt more appreciative in chat threads than other thread. I had to defend myself at a "Rafa fan" and had the balls to take the attacks they give to rafa fans. Not only that most of my dearest bffs were banned and i said i dont wanna be here anymore. But im starting to really love it because ever since i put my thread about my father. People started to warm up to me and i felt like people understand what im going through.

Originally Posted by selyoink View Post
What is the most memorable place you have been?
Well i havent been to places that stood out or became as a memorable place. But i have been to three states before, but nothing memorable because i went there for a church convention and i didnt have the time to visit more of the states.

If you could only visit one place in your life what would it be?
Between Argentina and Spain, i would say Spain, its something about that country that amazes me. Not because my fave player is from there. But because i love the culture, the architecture, the food and people. I actually want to go to my fave fashion school. I am planning on study abroad for 3 months in andulacia, spain.

Do you still like Petra Kvitova?
OF COURSE. I still believe shes got alot left in the tank, she still young and she has plenty of time to get even better.
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