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Re: •°o* Ye Olde Castle Volume 60 - Welcome to spend the off-season in the Castle

Hey guys sorry i wasnt here, i was working the shit outta my project. Like seriously i was so late to my class and then when it hit 9pm i was like . But my full figures werent done and one flat jacket (backside) wasnt done either. . So i went with my mom to go to my class anyways. And as soon as i got there and went to her class, she was the only person left. I was like *phew* . So i showed her my project and she said this looks really really good and i was like Really?. So then she told me that i didnt have to color my flats at all, i was like . So then she says "Are you gonna participate in the Symposium Contest, i was like, "Really????? Well i was not, but i guess ill try." So she just told me that the contest starts in April next year and all they want is no color on flats and color on the figures. And i said, oh thats easy. So then she said lemme take the picture and i let her. Then after she was done she asked me, "what does nyla mean, i said newyork and la." And she said, "oh that very clever i like it alot." And i said, "yea, i was inspired by the military because most of my family were in the military", and she said, "thats very nice, its always great to have a good inspiration." So she said that after finals ill get my grade, i was like ok. So i went outta the class with a smile on my face and a proud attitude. My first time EVER finishing a class, im so happy. Now i have two more classes with my spanish teacher. Today we are going to do a presentation, im gonna do the presentation with my group, but we get individually graded on. So yea.
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