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Re: Q&A With FreakyGOAT

Originally Posted by Orange Wombat View Post
You guys are all so mean. I agree with Slasher. There's nothing wrong with some good clowning and trolling, especially when it's the off-season. I have never seen him post anything to purposely offend anyone else.

I know you guys are all secretly missing the random crap he posts It's no fun when everybody's a reasonablist.
to answer you and Slasher's questions, he kept getting banned for various obvious reasons. as another poster mentioned, he constantly tries to stir up trouble with other posters, deliberately makes trolling threads over and over, in NT and GM. also he harasses people with bad repping in inane amount of time, and he sent me some strange messages (in which he was being rather rude) and I'm certain he has done the same to others! the kid just is a total disruption on purpose and even if you like him I don't know why you are acting surprised that he would get permanent banned when whenever he returns from a temp ban all he says is "oh no I'm trolling a thread now but some admin is going to take advantage of me and ban me blah blah blah"

come on now

that said, Freakyman at times had some interesting posts, and certainly was more reasonable to discuss things with earlier when he was a member... it is a shame he went so downhill

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