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Re: THE Thread

Originally Posted by Orange Wombat View Post
Nothing is forum-disrupting about THIS thread Sham It's a simple chat thread. The others were disrupting, yes.

I now take custody of THE Thread. I think he would have been happy with that.

I am making it sound like a funeral.
That was really sarcasm, never had a problem with all the threads.

I do know though, that he's not going to be around anymore to defend himself from the remarks flying around about him, so as the mature adults that the rest of us apparently all are, we should let the lad be, regardless of what we think of him.

So someone recently informed me that my sig was empty. Said I needed a life affirming motivational quote by a positive role model like Einstein or Oscar Wilde...

Here's a tip. Don't regret nothin'. You ain't got the time. Before you know it, you'll be 60 something years old giving free advice to some cheapskate runt... Then going home and regretting it.

-Drunk 60 something at Poundland
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