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Re: Rising Francesco, volume 16 - Italian yummy yummy wonderland

Originally Posted by Betty View Post
yes a movie abt exsorcism ecc it is cool,as i said im still a bit :scaRED: I CAN WATCH EVERY KIND OF HORROR BUT EXSORCIS-DEVIL ONE ALWAYS IMPRESS ME MORE:O:P
I know that would make me jump. I remember seeing one years ago about cryogenics. The bodies were lying there frozen, when suddenly a hand shot up and grabbed at the bloke there. I nearly jumped a mile off the chair.

Originally Posted by Betty View Post
for dun the exsorcis is c.dion
A horror story all on her own.

Originally Posted by Betty View Post
Ann,today there was not the Fra's teacher, but we can talk with them by a book,so i wrote there abt what happened t o francy..i had still today to confort him so i hope che can calm him abt that cartoon
At least it's good that you can do that Bet and let them know just how much it upset him, and then hopefully, the teacher can have a little talk with Fra to calm his fears. Will you be able to speak to his regular teacher as well as do this? Poor little man. It's really played on his mind these past few days.

Originally Posted by Corey Feldman View Post
hello all

on tv horror right now is Hellraiser II: Hellbound

guy is baldie as Crane

Up in Motherwell!

still deciding if i will go on the Friday, its only 10 minutes on train from Glasgow.

making my food now and gonna watch another replay of the Derby yesterday, how did your bro take it Ann

Rio getting hit by the coin, i know i shouldnt say it but watching that slow mo replay just made me laugh

Ravenscraig isn't it? If you have the time then it could be well worth the trip.
I watched the replay this morning as I was out yesterday. Pretty well actually. He's not completely one-eyed and will always say if City have been outplayed. And he said it was a great game to watch. So although he was a bit p'od, as you'ld expect, I bet he wasn't ranting and raving at the end. Probably did enough of it during the match.

It was funny what he said about hoping it would've at least been a pound coin instead of a 2p.

Real men have singlehanded backhands.

Originally Posted by Betty View Post
nike could use this sentence:
dont need fed
Originally Posted by Sonja1989 View Post
Now I really don't know how to keep my eyes
Originally Posted by BlackeyeVuk View Post
My life is complete, seeing JayR somewhat annoyed and angry at Clutch. Giddy. Not that i hate anyone.

Just I can't fathom JayR to be spitie little rascal when it needs.
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