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Re: 2012 MTF Popularity Contest News Thread

Originally Posted by Nathaliia View Post
i think gaitare will have to give it to you, you're funny
Originally Posted by viruzzz View Post
I think that's unfair for Trip, I'm thinking about doing the correct thing here...

...So i'm probably going to withdraw crying like a little bitch that this contest was "Rigged" and crowning myself as "The real champion" because of "irregularities", acussing trip and leng jai of beeing the same person and claiming "I beat you once in R4, now give me the title or I tell the mods". (That always works...)

If all of that crap doesn't work, I'd say something like "Deathless mortal was robbed, if he'd have won that match, I'd probably won the final without droping a set". And of course JG made DM lose the match and there's my crown.

If it still doesn't work I'd blame Johnny Groove again because of his DACC beeing the only reason why I lost (Because his 10 double accounts were going to vote for me!), and the surface homogenization, not before saying that "In TF the ball bounces lower and I'd have won only with my serve", and also "I never had that many foot faults in my life", not before saying that "contests are unfair for us big servers in the 2nd week because the grass is too destroyed and in London they know how to play in that surface".

And I have a lot more!

- My voters were banned.
- I couldn't campaing because I was injured. (I only lose when i'm injured).
- I was feeling knee-pain all the SF match, no?
- I had the most difficult draw ever and I was tired.
- Why asking for a WC when you're not playing?
- RACISM!! RACISM!!!!! They took away my crown because i'm south american
- Aliens kidnapped my baby.

And the best one: Telling all the new users I won and using my "Good contacts" to ban everyone who would dare to say the opposite.

Now talking seriously.
This is a good thing to laugh about because it's so damn funny the organizator of the tournament was banned for beeing "Double account"
Also, this is even more funnier if we consider his "Retirement"

We all know I had no chances here, and Trip is one of the users I like the most, I'd totally enjoy watching a Fed match with her. You rock!
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