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Re: Q&A With Mark Lenders.

Originally Posted by Marto View Post
Which countries have you visited already and where do you want to go?
I've already visited Spain, France, England, Andorra (it's a country), Italy and Croatia. I'd love to go to a lot of other countries, but Australia and Japan are at the top of my list of go-to places.

Also, wanted to thank you for voting for me in Popcon, meant to do so via rep but forgot it at the time. I remember you saying you only voted for your favorites and since I don't think we ever chatted at all it's great to know I'm one of your favorites

Originally Posted by Slasher1985 View Post
Nice TV Series lineup. Again, we have some TV shows in common (Simpsons, Heroes, Prison Break, Friends).

Here's a question:
1. Do you think I deserve a Q&A thread too, given that I am also a newcomer this year?
Here's another set of questions:
2. Would you ever like to meet Ferrer?
3. And how would you react if right then, someone from the crowd around you would say "Hey, this is Mark Lenders from MTF, dude, the guy who repeatedly calls you a vulture" ?
Were you as pissed as I was that Heroes was cancelled when it was ?

1-I don't think anyone 'deserves' a Q&A thread, it's not something you need a certain pedigree to have. If you are willing to answer people's questions, then by all means make one or ask someone to make you one. I think these threads are great when people are open

2-Not really; I mean, if I happened to meet him somehow, it would not be a problem, but he's definitely not in the list of people/sportsmen/tennis players I'd love to meet.

3-I'd probably laugh it off, try plausible deniability or something If Ferrer didn't mind it, I guess we'd both joke about it

Originally Posted by Chirag View Post
Do you like crime shows ?
Yes. Not my favorite genre overall by any means, but there are some very good ones. Prison Break comes to mind, as do Only Fools and Horses, the adapation of Agatha Christie and Arthur Connan Doyle's novels among others...

Originally Posted by BauerAlmeida View Post
Good list. Prison Break is awesome
Indeed Especially the two first seasons.

Originally Posted by nazzac View Post
1-After Messi broke Muller's record last night. Who do you consider to be the football GOAT?

2-Do you like The Walking Dead?
1-I don't really believe in the GOAT concept. I believe Messi's record only further cements his status, as if it was even needed, as the best player of his generation, miles ahead of everyone else. Comparing generations is tough though, as I didn't watch all the great players live and each generation has a different set of circumstances really. I think Messi has earned his spot in the pantheon of the greatest ever, but is he THE greatest? I honestly don't know, nor do I think it is something important to discuss. We're definitely priviliged to watch him in our lifetime though.

2-I don't watch it (at best caught some bits of episodes), so can't really tell. Would you advise it tho ?
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