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Re: Q&A With Mark Lenders.

Originally Posted by Chirag View Post
I wanted Tyson to win that match so was beyond happy when it was over

Tyson is one of the worst leading characters in any anime imo, along with Tsubasa and Davis/Daisuke in Digimon Adventure 02.

Originally Posted by Chirag View Post
Agree with the Vforce joke . Did you prefer the original beyblade series or G revolutions ?
I preferred G-Revolution, partly because my favorite character Kai got more attention but it was also a better series overall imo, the World Championships arc was really well developped, the BEGA arc was quite good too and there was a lot of character development for all the main characters.

Originally Posted by Chirag View Post
Out of the regular ones was he the strongest ? I think he was stronger than Brooklyn since he could alter his gameplan mid battle and use the elements to his advantage no matter what the situation
I'm honestly not sure. He did beat Ray before the World Championships, but Ray got a lot stronger since, we have no idea if Hiro became stronger as well. It's hard to assess his level due to lack of actual competitive beybattles.

Originally Posted by Chirag View Post
I think those series are pretty well known . Did you cry when watching transformers armada as a kid ?
Maybe for you, I wouldn't expect most people to have heard about or even watched animes like Voltron, Inspector Fabre, Kiteretsu, Mon Colle Knights...

No, I did not cry, I very rarely do. It was a very emotional series overall though.
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