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Re: Which MTF poster would you like to...?

Originally Posted by Corey Feldman View Post
Meet in real life? too many to mention
Discuss your problems with? star, Betty, Jelena always, they are my counsel.
Go to a party with? EnriqueIG8
Have a musical jam session, or talk about music if you don't play an instrument? none, not my thing
Have as your doubles partner? Scarecrows, Mateya for mixed
Play Video Games with? Sapeod, GOATsol

Have a beer with discussing random shit? my counsel 3 ,Rocketassist, Looner, Linkmage, Samanosuke, P.Antonius, Bibberz, Scarecrows, Enrique, Viruzzz, Clashcityrocker, Smoke944, Lopez, Selyoink, IncrediBale, saberq, Ann, Castafiore, l_mac, Wildegirl, Kelly de Sade, theMeesh, Punky, Mae, Eden.. best and most genuine bunch of ppl around here.

Do some drugs discussing philosophy? none.
Meet in real life *wink nudge wink*? hmm the female All Stars that i have seen from MTF? right of the top of my head ...

SavestheDizzle, Pirata, Nole Fan, Mateya, Sonja1989, tulipe, acionescu.

You keep changing your faves Mikey.

Novak Djokovic nº1!

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