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Re: Attention Seeker Thread. - Happy Holidays!

Originally Posted by Harmless View Post
We better make sure we win the treasure pile of vCash that comes with the Mr MTF title. It's a classic underdog story, Andrey, omg, I already see it. Dodgeball style.
The story has it all - underdog with a heart of gold (because you're Aussie, get it? under, yeah? har har.), hot cheerleader that he's trying to win over (how amendable is arm to posting pin-up style pics? the llama and I will work something out), smart Asian campaign manager (how amenable is trips to taking pics with glasses and a clipboard in a miniskirt? the llama and I will figure something out), the kooky but devious management team (the llama and I. currently discussing wigs to wear. matching or no? tough call), the prize that will enable the Dream... We might just need a good old-fashioned villain. Do you know someone with a twirlable mustache?
I am way to tired to comprehend the epicness of this post. I will sleep on it tonight, digest the aforementioned epicness in the morning, and then deliver my response at a later undisclosed time.

I will answer this however... I may be able to get B-Nard to grow a stache... I'll convince him it's mocember or something revolutionary like that..

Night again

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