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Re: 2012 MTF Popularity Contest News Thread

Originally Posted by Nathaliia View Post
this is the least racist popcon up to date

if viruzzz makes it to the final he'll be the first popcon finalist from both american continents (true, we never even had a yank or canuck in it)

trip would be the first asian with a cockney accent ofc.
Thanks for the info.

As for "racist", I naturally cannot speak either of former competitions nor other's voting preferences, but I would be careful to say anything that might diminish someone's accomplishment. I do not want trip to feel I want her in the final because it's time an Asian (or cocknasian, if you prefer) made it there. I want her there because she's the best candidate. Wouldn't matter to me is she was Polish and thus could be the third Pole to make a final. Likewise, I do not want viruzzz in the final because it's about time we got someone from the American continent there, I want him because he's an amazing poster. Continental variation is just a happy sideeffect to me.
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