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Re: Five Matches That Defined Your Favourite Player's 2012 Season

Originally Posted by atennisfan View Post
He beat Federer with difficulty while he got bageled easily by the same guy, and you call him the best player around by some distance?
I bet Roger would trade those results in a heart-beat: don't you think he would have preferred to lose in Cincy to Nole (even being bageled, at least it's not a grand slam final ) and instead finish the year by winning the WTF undefeated, beating Djokovic in the final?
The fact is that the H2H between Roger and Nole is 3-2 for 2012. One win each in Masters, one win each in Grand Slams and the decider at the WTF, which last year were elevated to Grand Slam status, but I guess they've been demoted back to where they belong this year.
And yes...If in a season as tough as this, with 4 different players winning the 4 grand slams there is one player who ends the year on top and gets 25.8% more points than the #2 player and 61.5% more points than the #3 player, that's what I would call some distance. It's not as if he got the #1 by 10 points (remember 2008?).

Originally Posted by atennisfan View Post
Odd year?
More like 2011 was an odd year for Djokovic.
Or did you start watching tennis in early 2011?
2011 was one of the best seasons in the open era. In that sense it was odd... But not for Nole, since he ended 2012 as the #1 player as well... I didn't start watching tennis in 2011, so I can understand how rare it has been in recent years for a player to end the year as #1 in 2 consecutive years... in fact, it hasn't happened in 5 years. It means that 2011 was not a complete anomaly. To be the first guy in 5 years to be able to defend his year-end #1, with the quality of the competition he faced in 2012 is almost as amazing as what he did in 2011, in a sense, even more difficult. So maybe Novak has had 2 odd years, may he have a 3rd odd year in 2013.

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