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Could Nole 2.0's domination of Nadal be forgotten?

Certainly it will be hard to miss Noles 3 straight slam wins over Nadal from 2011-2012 in the history books, and indeed had he won the Nole slam and beat Nadal 4 slam finals in a row, the domination would be cemented forever.

However, the reality is Nadal is still ahead in the H2H. And whatever happens, their final H2H is likely to be very tight and not a domination one way or the other. Most probably Nadal will be ahead however, he is better on grass and clay though in saying that he will be likely to be out of sorts in 2013 and a handy beat for Djokovic.

I just think people might eventually forget about it, espeically if Nadal ends up with more slams at the end of his career.

The only real cogent argument anyone tries to use that a player who won less slams is better than another is a lopsided H2H. I just think that stands out a little more than 8 wins in a row at one point of time, especially given the clear bad match up and fact it was Noles absolute peak and a downer year for Nadal.

Nadal is also going to finish his career with at least 7 titles of one slam. I don't think at this point it is likely that Nole will do anything individually that tops this.

I fear this may result in people forgetting about Nole 2.0 domination.

They also traded back to back 3 slam seasons/3 straight slams so that negates that also.

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