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Re: Attention Seeker Thread. - Happy Holidays!

Originally Posted by Naudio Spanlatine View Post

I have never worked a day of my life, i wish i did, my mom kept telling me "look Precious, you know you have limitations because of your disabiliy. You need to just focus on your school, instead of doing more at a time. " Well i would agree with my mom but seeing some of my friends working makes me wanna work. Thankfully im doing Dept of Rehab(which is job training) so that i can learn what a job environment is like.

Yea i prefer for myself to take care of my kids than a nanny, i heard so many bad stories about them. I mean they are good people some yes, but to me, they dont know how to take care of them like parents do.

i would be doing the same thing if my bf/husband was away alot. i would go crazy.
yeah i think you should pass some exams and get grades first, IMO. then i guess it would be smarter to get (even unpaid at first) practise at your specialization. You'll have much more professional experience after graduation than your friends who did nothing but sold in the shop or were nannies. Not like they earn big anyway, just to buy a McRoyal, for me it's not even worth effort because it distracts from school. Only something that goes along with your education is good.

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