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Re: 2012 MTF Popularity Contest News Thread

Originally Posted by Johnny Groove View Post
How To Run A Contest on MTF: I have experience, I am running PopCon 2012 and I did Miss MTF 2007, so I have experience.

Step 1- Rig the draw. Obvious, but must be stated. Make sure you don't count all of the nominations and if you do, switch posters you like on the cuff of an easier draw, this is just good business.

Step 2- Make sure any qualifiers with any chance to upset my favorites are placed vs. high seeds, in fact, all Q will play high seeds.

Step 3- Set up arbitrary voting times. 12 hours and 12 minutes one round, 12 hours even another round.

Step 4- Lie about when voting times will be, and just go 24 hrs from 3rd round onwards.

Step 5- Cast a deciding vote and then recind it in overtime. Act all "benevolent dictator" and feign ignorance

Step 6- Count votes wrong on purpose and update with misleading live scores to influence voting.

Step 7- Take part in "Stabbing Hour" yourself.

Step 8- Declare a certain remaining person in the competition as "my favorite" and do all to make sure he/she wins.

Step 9- Laugh as MTF burns to the ground

Step 10- Realize all I just said was in jest, take a chill pill, and let's get on with this event and hope it doesn't cost me Mr. MTF this year
Too late
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