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Re: 2012 MTF Popularity Contest News Thread

Originally Posted by Mark Lenders View Post
Glad you got it. He's not insightful/knowledgeable, funny or even nice in any way. As if that were not enough, he's grown man taking MTF contests seriously to the point of talking about loyalty, backstabbing and similar BS without it being in jest Just a tragic poster overall. To be honest, don't remember anything he might have said about Del Potro, or even tennis overall bar his trademark pointless and supposedly 'funny' fanboying.

Yes, you do add value, I'll give you that. Thanks for the badrep btw, I missed having 14 goodreps and your badrep in my CP
Right, of course Mikey is only liked because he's everything you just said, not because he has no other qualities. He's liked for a reason, get that into your head.

You're welcome. More to come shortly.
Originally Posted by GSMnadal View Post

Ok, I don't visit the Football thread enough to judge that part of MTF. He's definitely a valuable addition to the forum, don't get me wrong, but MTF will be fine either way. Look at all the big names that were banned recently, and it's still goin strong.
Filo V, Hian, Raferminator and Gagsquet didn't contribute anything to the form other than utter shite.

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