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Re: 2012 MTF Popularity Contest News Thread

Originally Posted by GSMnadal View Post
I wasn't the one who brought up AJ's stuff in this thread, remember? It was you and your buddies attacking Groove. Stop being a hypocrite, you say I need to shut it about an internet contest and yet you continue to do the same thing.

It's MTF, of course it doesn't matter, but why not 'allow' people to talk about stuff like this when we decide to be here anyway. If we care enough to vote every damn round, we obviously care enough for it to be held in a correct fashion.

So complain all you want about Groove, but then also stop complaining when people are protesting a result you DO agree with.
No, actually it's you being a hypocrite. When Groove makes a mistake which doesn't affect you it's not a problem, it's only an internet contest. When AJ makes a mistake (actually he doesn't, but you tend to believe it was, so..) then it's worth attacking the guy and mentioning it even 2 weeks after it happened.
I'm not attacking Groove, I already said I'm cool with losing on a tie, though I would've obviously preferred for it to have happened regularly - losing by having less votes than my opponent. I just find it funny that people like you that were so loud about AJ being wrong are now so quiet. I repeat, both are internet contests, so you can't mention PopCon being an internet contest as an argument here.

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