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Re: 2012 MTF Popularity Contest News Thread

Originally Posted by GSMnadal View Post
I wonder what people would sooner qualify as angry. Me just calmly stating facts that there was something fishy about the ACC or you ranting, telling people to shut up and using loads of smileys
Fine, you're not angry. You're just being a whiny little crybaby, as usual. Better?

You've continued to complain about something that happened weeks ago. You do see why people continue to call you out, right? There was nothing fishy about it. You said yourself that you would definitely not vote in the final. What do you do? You vote in the final and go against your word Of course your vote wasn't counted, you withdrew and said you wouldn't vote, you fool
Originally Posted by Mark Lenders View Post
He has no redeeming qualities at all. Let's put this way: even you are a better poster than him, that says it all really.
Am I supposed to take your opinion seriously? At all? What a joke. You've been here for almost 2 years less than me and you know more about Mikey than I do, right? Pfff, he's been around for ages and lots of posters like him. One of the reasons he won this title, just so you know. Your opinion is invalid here, as usual.
Not everyone shares your gift for natural comedy unfortunately
I'l take that as a compliment.
Originally Posted by EnriqueIG8 View Post
Daniel stirs it up Good job, son.

Where were you all the other days to light that fire in here.
Thank you. I've been told a few times I'm good at that.

I'm not usually very active around this time, that's probably why.

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