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Re: Q&A with NS <3

Originally Posted by samanosuke View Post
what was the biggest number of smiles you posted in one post ?
Gosh, all i can remember was Sonja1989, she was the one who invited me to castle. I met some amazing people there. But back to Di, everytime i came to castle she was one of those people who game me the most smiles. Its just too cute.

Originally Posted by Punky View Post
i can ask u on the phone but i will do it here

what motivates you and gives u energy?
My mom, because she too has been through alot in her life and she always gives me amazing advice. Love you mom, stay strong always.

My niece, she was born last year on Christmas which was the most amazing gift my family can ever receive. Shes almost 1 but i love her so much. On my phone screen you will see a pic i took of her. She always makes me smile.

where would u like to be in 5 years?
Well still in Spain getting my masters in fashion design. Im planning on studying abroad. Which reminds me that i should call those people.

are you Sensitive to Tickling?
Of course, i use to hate it when my big nephew tickled me so much. I was like noooooooooooooohahahahahhahhahahahahahahaha!

What have you learned from your abuse experience in your youth?
Well my dad was very verbal abusive with my family. He really did alot of hurt to my brothers and my mom and especially me. Right now hes living with us, even though i love him still, he should still live in his house, its best for the family to be honest. And from my former bf, he was my first and he was the one who i thought would love me. He was an hispanic who was in my physical science class in middle school. But as the weeks gone by, he started acting very strange, he was not feeling me, he started to use me for money and he was very abusive, i didnt get a scar but he and i would argue so much, we would sometimes get into fights. I still remember that i wasnt feeling well but he wanted to have sex with me. And he forced me into position and i just kept my mouth shut and just try to enjoy the pain i was receiving because i loved him. Mostly he was mentally abusive than physical. He later cheated on me with two women. That was a very painful experience that it inspire me to write a poem called "Love is a Battlefield":
Love is a Battlefield

Love just…
Hurts me inside
It feels like,
You’re in hell
I had to deal with it
With my enemy
Cause he cheated on me three times
It’s so easy to get dumped
Plus cheated on
Cause they want to break your heart
Love can make you burned up
With sorrow
With envy
Some boys are so immature
They just want to have sex
It’s like,
They don’t want a real relationship
Or a date
Instead of loving them,
They use them
Do not fall for boy’s dirty tricks
I can find a guy who respects my needs
Who’s more loving and mature
Who’s not too perfect
Well I guess
I might as well have to deal with it
Cause love is a battlefield

Date: 07/15/03

What do you like most in people?
I love how different people can be. Its funny because i was secretly looking at people and kinda judging some because most of those people i was jealous that they were more beautiful and happier than me. But then when one person comes up to me to talk to me, i am always amazed how a person can come up to me and want to get to know me.

lv u
Love you too hun, thanks
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