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Re: 2012 MTF Popularity Contest News Thread

I just came home (9.21 AM, long night )

This match with Dee is extremely tight, I didn't count it, but I think we're tied or if anyone's winning is by one vote or so.

I want to be serious for a little while here.
It... Makes me so emotional and happy how this contest is going for me, and I think I can say the same about Dee if she let me.
Everyone voting here says is a "Tough match to decide", and showing a lot of love for us both. MTF people, you're really making me emotional and happy.
Dee is one of my favorite people to read all over the internet, MTF is since this 2012 a great part of my life. I can't believe actually people is voting for me here, considering who's my oponnent, a person who deserves nothing but love... But these things are making me really happy:

- Those who vote for me are showing a lot of love and respect for her.
- Those who vote for her, have a lot of nice feelings for me.

Really, people, thank you all.
I still think i'm going to lose this match, and I'd be really okay with that, I have said this a lot of times this contest, people are showing the best of themselves here. I can't believe how many good words and feelings for everyone are on these kind of threads. It's amazing.

I'm happy MTF, you all made me feel happy today, i'm going to sleep with a smile.

Dee, darling, a message for you.

Whatever the result of the match is. I'm not expecting the end of the match, I'd be expecting the symbolic hug we're gonna have at the net

This, and only this.

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