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Re: Grigor schedule - 2013

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LOL I think matching with Finland is almost mission impossible, especially if Mikka and Henry are fit and play! Henka Kontinent is an excellent serve and volley player and in a doubles match he will be a huge threat!
Both Lazov and Kuzmanov are nice young players Lazov is 22 and Kuzmanov 19-20 but none of them has a big serve. Alex Lazov, although I like him a lot is a kinda of total jerk - his style is unique, interesting and very thrilling to watch especially when he is on could have been a top 100 player, HOWEVER his serve is a soft WTA like version with ZERO power and consistency. Meh...His head is a huge issue too, sometimes he disappears for a whole set or 2 and plays like utter crap, like literally not being able to put the ball into play...With that said I love watching him play and would love to see him play for Davis cup for first time I believe?
You forgot to mention Toto Grozdanov, who IMO if in good shape would be the bigger aid for our team along with Grigor. I know Toto isn't playing a lot of tournaments per year and sometimes participate into beach tennis events heheh but he is the one who can make the difference both with his experience and game. He won a match vs Victor Hanescu last year, Vicotr was simply outplayed. Now when Todor Enev retired, and Kutrovski banned I would call these 4 if all are healthy and available.
Yeah, Nadejda you're right! Toto Grozdanov should be our 4th player along with Grigor, Lazov and Kuzmanov. After Ognyan Iliev is no longer our coach, I think it's possible that Toto will return to the team. Both of them had some problems with each other and Toto said that he won't play Davis if Iliev is the coach. Now that he is out, I think Toto may return. BTW, we still don't know who will be our new coach. I think they will put Grigor's father on that posision if not permanent, just until they find someone else. I think it will be a good move to put him as a coach, because that way Grigor will probably play every time when he can

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