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Re: 2012 MTF Popularity Contest Quarterfinals

Shit, this is difficult as fffffaq.

(1) tripwires vs. (9) Corey Feldman
I'm deeply sorry to both. Trip, as I said so many times, you're probably one of the most loved people in this place and it's impossible to deny that feeling. You can be the most serious poster and also a really funny one. I miss your dynamic-duo with Leng.
Feldman, Mike, Boss. You totally showed me the way right here. I'm happy to be a fellow soldier of casa Feldman, and your popularity will always be amazing.
I hope you both understand my choice here. But I won't vote.
We're also fellow fedfans, so that's another difficult rock in my way to vote.

(4) Kat_YYZ vs. (5) Hewitt=Legend
4th and 5th seed.
Two really different users. This match-up is pretty amazing.
But I also can't vote here. I said my reasons plenty of time, both users are part of this beautiful MTF salad. I'm sorry guys, voting against one of you would be unfair to what I feel.
Kat, you're the FedForum personified in someone. H=L, your legend status starts to shine today.

(3) Nole Fan vs. (6) The Bulldog
I'm deeply sorry here, Nina. You're my GM rival, and I really like you and your style.
But I can't go against the Bulldog here. The guy is pure gold, the 2012 survivor in a troll apocalypse.
I'm not sure if it's a newspaper in heaven, but i'm sure of something. If there is, there should be a space named "The Bulldog's corner".

...*sigh... Let's do this.
(63) Naudio Spanlatine vs. (7) viruzzz

You came to this troll-board to make it a better place. I'm nothing compared to what you did here.
You made us be really emotional with your deep feelings, showed us you were always there to chat and have a good time (also showing MTF is not only tennis), and also for beeing part of MTF culture, by having the best relation with everyone, even the newbies.
You deserve the SF here. I wish you the best, darling

Ah, appeal moderation? Wanna know what appeal moderation did to me?
Take a good long stare, you know you want to.
You're not even man enough to look at my face.

Appeal moderation isn't pretty, you have to watch your friends go to dust.
Appeal moderation is always hungry for your soul and sweet emotions.

First and once godly-worhispped appeal moderator.
(Actually 2nd)
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