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Re: 2012 MTF Popularity Contest News Thread

Originally Posted by djokovicgonzalez View Post
Some pity seeking: I've been dominating my HS #1 who I was pissed was played over me last year (28-4 since this summer, though only 10-4 since his he broke my 18 match win streak) Then I sprained my wrist rather badly at the beginning of a match. I can't play for about 2 weeks, lose horribly (1-6 4-6) 1st attempt to play him with no serve and a two handed backhand. Losing again today in my 2nd attempt at playing, still with a two handed backhand and no serve- down match point for 2-6 2-6- and I fucking sprain my ankle! I feel like Tommy Haas!
Duuuuuuuude! X___X

You should make an amazing comeback with a pretty cool mexican sombrero.
You'd be playing and your rival would make a lot of unforced errors and then he'd be so pissed off he'd make a big shank and yell "Okay mate, WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH THAT HAT?!?!?!"

And then you win it by the mental side, not risking your body at all.

If anyone ask, tell them Tio Viruz helped you.

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