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Re: 2012 MTF Popularity Contest News Thread


Originally Posted by Nole Rules View Post
Note: This is just for fun guys. I hope GSMnadal doesn't mind it.

GSMnadal press conference after the match with Nole Rules.

Reporter: What's your thoughts about the match?
GSMnadal: Well, he played very well but that bitch was wasting a lot of time with his annoying ball bouncing. It's fucking annoying and disturbing. I'm not saying that as an excuse of my loss. No. He is a time waster and that's a fact. ATP should do something about it and fast. He doesn't respect the rules.

Reporter: Are you surprised that he didn't seem that tired at the end?
GSMnadal: I can't explain that really. He looks dead tired at some moments then all of a sudden he looks fine and ready to play endless rallies and running like a demon. I mean WTF?!!! Does he have magic recovery powers?! I don't know but I think he plays mind games with his opponents. Disgusting really. No wonder most call him faker.

Reporter: Did your previous epic match with hat_boy affect your preformance today?
GSMnadal: Sure. I was really tired after that match. It was tiring for me but the orgnaziers of this contest were as bad as the USTA. They scheduled this match first on center court even though they knew that I needed some rest unlike Nole Rules who vultured his way to the 4th round easily and thus was well rested before the match. His draw was a fucking JOKE.

Reporter: Vultured his way to the 4th round?! What does that even mean?
GSMnadal: Ask his coach Mark Lenders about that. Lenders was breaking the rules today as well. I saw him coaching the vulture (Nole Rules) from the box. Can't believe this obvious cheating exist in such a big tournement. Someone should stop this corruption otherwise the sport will be in bigger danger in the future.

Reporter: Did you suffer from any injury?
GSMnadal: Not really but the USTA-like scheduling from the orginazers fucked me up today.

Reporter: What about the choke you pulled off in the 5th set? You could have won the match if you didn't miss that easy put away with your BH?
GSMnadal: Yeah, I don't want even to talk about it. Can't believe how I missed it.

Reporter: Do you think Nole Rules will make the SF?
GSMnadal: No way he wins more than 5 games in the next round unless he somehow magically recovers from this match. I will enjoy seeing this faker getting his ass kicked.

Reporter: Do you think he has a great chance against you on clay now?
GSMnadal: Yeah, sure.

Reporter: What do you like to eat after playing a tiring match like this?
GSMnadal: I don't know. Next question.

Reporter: How is your GF now? Is she good? I heard she was sick? Did that affect your preformance today?
GSMnadal: I will not answer this question.

Reporter: Do you know that epic song on youtube? It's called Gangnam Style? Have you tried dancing the Gangnam Style dance once?
GSMnadal: Next question.

Reporter: Why?! Are you a Bieber fan?
GSMnadal: I'm fucking done with this shit!

GSMnadal: I'll get you, bitch!

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