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Re: Funny Fotos #6

Originally Posted by Kat_YYZ View Post
Seems they took Roger to some big market in Sao Paolo today; he's stuffing his face

ate something too spicy!!

imagine fakervic and nadull eating in the market of sao paolo

faker would be like "wait, is this gluten free?, because it sure doesn't look like it is! Can someone please run a test on this greasy stuff? Sorry, local people of Brazil but my super controlled high class world athlete diet doesn't allow me to eat this, much less at this non-programmed schedule. I won't ever get to look or be like a Serbian Cristiano Ronaldo if i eat some of this."

Pocahontas on the other hand would be like "Great, finally I eat everything I always wanted, no? Please, señor, give me everything you have". But suddenly a big man comes right next to the tv cameras. "I'm sorry Rafito, but we've talked about this before. This isn't good for you and you know our team of 100% clean doctors will not approve you eating this food for what we know is your 100% clean diet". Rafa replies in frustration: "But Toni, you know that medical food gives me too much energy, I can't even sleep at night some times, and I really want to try this". - "Sorry Rafito, but no means no". Rafa walks away head down and silently, accompanied by his doctors.

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