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Re: The Federer Decline Thread (Is he done)

Originally Posted by Yolita View Post
OMG Duong!! That's exactly what happened to me! I could have written that paragraph! I stopped watching tennis both for personal reasons and because I couldn't endure another serve fest between Ivanisevic and Sampras! I also saw Roger for the first time in Houston in 2003 and I also fell in love with his game. He brought me back to tennis, too.

The other day I met a friend whom I hadn't seen in ages and she asked me: "Do you still watch tennis? Are you still a Federer fan?" I answered: "Wow. Is it that long since we last saw each other?"

How I stopped being a Roger fan is another story... But I'll always love his game. Always. And I will be very sad when he retires.
well it's funny ... but anyway I guess this story, the servefests, and so on, even the 80s (and the very beginning of the 90s) for some, happened to quite many people even though Houston 2003 is not always the starting point

And I do think that the future of tennis is also worrying ... and I'm sure the ATP thinks about it, seems like they want Nadal, Djokovic and Murray to last as long as they can, if not Federer himself.

PS : actually one of the big reasons why my attachment to Fed didn't decline and even grew a lot with time actually is that I felt ageing (and declining ) myself in the meantime and had sympathy for that ageing process. Also something which may have happened to other people imo as it seems that Olderer attracted some sympathies You will see, I'm sure older Djokovic will attract some sympathies , especially if he has to fight with young big guys, less if he dominates too easily as Lendl did for a while. His popularity looks promising imo.

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