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Re: The Federer Decline Thread (Is he done)

Originally Posted by duong View Post
well yes ... but I can say my experience : I watched tennis a lot in the 80s and in the first half of the 90s then I got disinterested, parly for reasons external to tennis for sure but also because tennis just got less interesting in my eyes (and I know I'm not the only one who lived that). It just didn't have the same variety and excitement it had in the 80s imo.

Then I watched few tournaments from time to time (didn't miss Roland-Garros, the US Open 2002, Masters 2001 I remember all of them clearly) but it was not the same as it had been ... and then I discovered that Federer-guy in Houston 2003, and even not in his first match, in his second one against Nalbandian actually, I think I had never seen him play before, I had not even watched Wimbledon.

And it was a shock : something new and very exciting
OMG Duong!! That's exactly what happened to me! I could have written that paragraph! I stopped watching tennis both for personal reasons and because I couldn't endure another serve fest between Ivanisevic and Sampras! I also saw Roger for the first time in Houston in 2003 and I also fell in love with his game. He brought me back to tennis, too.

The other day I met a friend whom I hadn't seen in ages and she asked me: "Do you still watch tennis? Are you still a Federer fan?" I answered: "Wow. Is it that long since we last saw each other?"

How I stopped being a Roger fan is another story... But I'll always love his game. Always. And I will be very sad when he retires.

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