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Re: I can be the best player ever: Tomic

Originally Posted by ssin View Post
come on duong, relax and join some laugh, Bernie shouldn't mind, being a media personality. He must know by now that he will be roasted for much less pompous things expressed publicly...he is not a kid anymore no, he won't be given a break That's how it is in the world, although I agree with you in principle, and personally might give "the kid" a break... sort of.

Anyway, Tomic

He is probably a future slam winner, though
well, "join some laugh" : maybe that's my problem that I don't manage to have some laugh with those things on MTF

But seriously speaking, as actually it's my real obsession to try to know the "truth" and discuss about it , Bernie's problems in his country are not actually caused by this sentence which can make MTFers gossip a lot, I read many Australian tennis personalities speak in the media but nobody spoke of that.

There's a lot of gossiping about him in the Australian media at the moment, seems to be some pressure for him to drop his father or something.

And actually this sentence in the end of his speech looks like a provocation ... just as Rafter imo quite provoked him by announcing he was suspended from Davis cup and his funds might be cut off by Tennis Australia.

He has much bigger concerns at the moment than the reactions to that sentence.

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