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Re: I can be the best player ever: Tomic

Originally Posted by duong View Post
1. "I will kick Fed off" I heard that Djokovic said that to sponsors from a source who knew those sponsors, it's maybe wrong but imo, it's coherent with the rest, and I read serious Djokofans like Yolita and a few others applaude the idea that he would have indeed said that.

2. Parents' influence : if one says that it was his parents' influence and didn't really come from Djokovic himself ... and you probably have read that I said that the thing I admire most from Djokovic is the way he distanced himself from his parents
Why is it that in every single thread you seem to bring up these so-called "facts"? Leaving aside this is a thread about Tomic and not your obsession with Novak, these are just rumours and opinions. Your source (who you trust, LOL) could either have made the whole thing up because it fits their agenda or only knows half the story and filled in the rest. We're all aware this is a burning issue for you that you feel the need to relate at every opportunity but try and remember none of this has been even been corroborated by another "trusted source". Even if there was any truth in it, so what? It just shows Novak was ambitious and Federer is known for being a dick to anyone who doesn't kiss his ass so why should he be respectful to Federer? Federer's tantrum about Novak's "lucky shot" at the US Open was far more disrespectful than anything Novak has alleged to have said about him.

As far as Tomic's comments, he's young, being accused of being lazy and in a bit of a slump so he probably feels the needs to come out fighting. He may come across as a bit arrogant but there are many players who have said far worse. I'll never get over how keyboard warriors on forums are so desperate to feel "outraged" by the latest throw-away comment.
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