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Re: 2012 MTF Popularity Contest News Thread

Originally Posted by Lopez View Post
Do you count alcohol as a drug or have you never taken a drink either?

Alcohol is a drug IMO so yeah, I've taken drugs . Nothing else though, not even tobacco, unless caffeine is counted .
Yes, I drink, but not often. One glass of wine or beer with dinner, once a week or less, usually at a social occasion or dinner at my parents' place. I don't really care about drinking -- I can take it or leave it. As a teen/young adult I tried out getting buzzed/slightly drunk maybe 3 times (in a setting I trusted, with people I trusted, being the control freak that I am ). That was enough for me. Yeah, it's fun to find everything hysterically funny. I can kind of get the same effect when I'm sleep deprived.

Speaking of which, I might be a bit addicted to caffeine

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