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Re: Most overrated shot (of the top players)

Originally Posted by Naudio Spanlatine View Post
Backhand is so overrated, most of the players on the men and women side go straight to the backhand, only a few players go to the forehand these days. I use to think the serve, but after watching alot of tennis its the backhand.

Plus i love forehands more
In a way, though, this emphasizes the importance of the shot in general. Most rallies in today's game are constructed around the backhand. Players often look to break down that shot or use it to open up the (righty) forehand or deuce side of the court. As such, its stability in today's game is made very important.

With guys like Djokovic and Murray showing up, players who are more concrete on both sides, we may begin to see a gradual change in the dynamics of the game, wherein differences between the two wings are mostly contextual.
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