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Re: 2012 MTF Popularity Contest News Thread

Originally Posted by Kowchi View Post
As much as I'm ok with Alcohol/Weed, I totally support this!
I mean I have no problem with people doing drugs if that's what they want to do but anyone who I've talked to can never justify their habits. Only illogical arguments such as 'bu-bu-but I'm young durrrrrr' or 'I HAVE to take drugs because I love that feeling of getting high'. I mean I know many hobbies don't particularly have any logical reasoning behind them but none has as many bad affects on an individual and society as a whole.

Strong logic.

Also props to you Goat=Fed if you are in College/Uni and haven't drunk once! Typically it just happens.
Thanks man. I'm in the tiny, tiny minority for sure which says a lot of our uni population nowadays sadly.

It seems getting drunk out of your mind is the fashion.

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