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Re: Does Christmas Piss Anyone Else Off?

Originally Posted by Kat_YYZ View Post
what's CBF?

Look my place is small, I got nowhere to put a big tree.

I know there are environmental arguments for and against fake trees, but I think it's a waste to cut down a tree that you'll use as a decoration for a month and then it's just thrown out. You can't even make anything with it like furniture.

If 1,000 people use the same fake tree for 10 years, that's 10,000 trees saved.
I 'can't be f___ed' telling you (there's your answer).

Fair enough.

I agree totally. Not to mention, as well as environmental issues, real trees can make a mess inside your home (ie. all the bits n' pieces of the tree falling off) which means more cleaning up later. Fake, plastic trees all the way IMO. Just connect the parts together, and your done. The worst part is putting all the lights on. Took me like an hour to untangle all those lights and then putting them properly on the tree. Even then, the lights distribution still looks uneven But after that, it's cruise control with the mistletoe, baubles, candy canes, star, etc.

So true That tree, has been there before I was even born I think. Given that I'm 20 now, it's at least that old. I'll post pics soon.

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No shit.
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Never held a racquet in my life.
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I've played the game for close to 10 years. This should come as no surprise to many.

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