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Re: 2012 MTF Popularity Contest News Thread

We are now down to the final 16. Analysis and betting odds.

Top Half

(1) tripwires vs. (16) Maria_V- tripwires is really a dominant top seed here, cruising so far. MariaV I think will push her, but trip will come through in the end.

Tripwires @ 1.3
MariaV @ 3

(8) Sonja1989 vs. (9) Corey Feldman- Both of them won their previous rounds by a single vote, incredible stuff. This one is dead even, imo, and will come down to the wire. The ball is in Feldman's court here. If he wants to win, he will win. If he wants Sonja to win, she will win.

Feldman @ 1.5
Sonja @ 2.5

(4) Kat_YYZ vs. (13) Nole Rules- Kat has been cruising here, and Nole Rules came through an epic 5 setter over GSMNadal. Kat will be the favorite, but don't rule out an upset here.

Kat @ 1.4
Nole Rules @ 2.6

(5) Hewitt=Legend vs. (12) Johnny Groove- Honestly, I'm surprised I was able to get through against mimi, who is a very sweet girl. H=L crushed Mark Lenders, really shocking the margin of victory there. I think I will be able to make it close and MAYBE pull the upset, but H=L is the fave.

H=L @ 1.75
Me @ 2.25

Bottom Half

(63) Naudio Spanlatine vs. (18) arm- The 63 Dee is in seed destroying form, upsetting players left and right like last year. arm is the favorite here, but don't sleep on Dee.

arm @ 1.6
Naudio Spanlatine @ 2.4

(7) viruzzz vs. (10) leng jai- Dear lord this is a tough matchup, could easily be a SF or F. I think viruzzz is a slight fave due to leng jai's recent inactivity, but not by too much.

viruzzz @ 1.9
leng jai @ 2.1

(3) Nole Fan vs. (19) Deathless Mortal- This one is an interesting one, at least for me personally. I have no clue who I will vote for, but I think Nole Fan is the favorite.

Nole Fan @ 1.5
Deathless Mortal @ 2.5

(6) The Bulldog vs. (11) Pirata- Yet another match I dunno who to vote for. This one I think will be even closer.

Bulldog @ 1.96
Pirata @ 2.04

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