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Re: 2012 MTF Popularity Contest R16

Less people, easier to write stuff.

(1) tripwires vs. (16) Maria_V. Sorry MariaV. You're a legend, but this is peak tripwires, world number one, it is impossible not to love her.
(8) Sonja1989 vs. (9) Corey Feldman. The boss! How does it feel to be the lower seed? . Nah, i'm just joking dude. You're the only one here with a slam. Sorry Sonja, you're one of the most respected users here.
(4) Kat_YYZ vs. (13) Nole Rules. Can't vote here. Kat is sooo cute and it's impossible to vote against her, but NR just won an amazing match, and he's still one of the funniest people here.
(5) Hewitt=Legend vs. (12) Johnny Groove. Ok, I never did this, but i'm going to flip a coin here. I think you all can understand me and respect it. H=L. I said multiple times you're a legend like Rusty and you're a great thing for the forum, I enjoy your posts and respect them. Johnny, you're helping the forum as no other, and the groove is not just part of your name, you have all forum getting your back everytime you play a tennis match and you deserve all of it. HL is heads (where it says "2 pesos") and JG is tails (where the sun is): SUN! You got the vote JG.
Sorry, I won't do this again, I just thought you all were too big and one of you deserved a vote, sorry H=L.

(63) Naudio Spanlatine vs. (18) arm. I'm sorry arm, I said it before, I have only good feelings for you, but Dee is peaking for the contest, she's in an amazing form, reading her is always a pleasure, I love her style, her funkiness, her awesome-flow. I'm starting to think you're my champion
(7) viruzzz vs. (10) leng jai. This is difficult, i'm facing my favorite funny-user. The guy is amazing, even when he's trolling (except the ajde shit, DAMNIT! ). But also, he can be serious, he's one of the forum kings. Leng Jai, even if your 2nd half of 2012 wasn't your best form. You have my vote, and I'd be HONORED if I lose to you.
(3) Nole Fan vs. (19) Deathless Mortal. I'm sorry for both, I can vote here, even flipping the coin would be unfar. Really different users. DM is a legend, and Nina is peaking to be a legend (also Nole's big form raised her up). Sorry both, it won't be me who decides this.
(6) The Bulldog vs. (11) Pirata. Something similar here, but a little more complicated, Pirata is a spicy piece of heaven we all stop to read, but the Bulldog showed the world he's here to stay, and in 2012 he made something almost irrepetible. Great users. You both deserve to go through.

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