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Re: Gimpy vLove Shack vol. 3: Cool young Brits hub + their bros.

Originally Posted by tripwires View Post

Too tired to come up with a better reply.
When I said, 'anytime this year,' I was speaking figuratively, obviously.

Yeah, I know right? I can't even do one hour. I've put off emailing my professor from the time I got back (5 pm) to now (2 am).
Yup, I get home at 3.30pm most days, and really struggle to get anything done, until it's really desperate, which is like at 1am.

Yes. Tell me NOW. NOW NOW NOW. *bangs fists on table*
I'm interested to know why you think I've got together with someone.

Where are you going in the summer? Are you doing the A Levels next year?
I'm definitely going to do some proper work next summer, and also I might go away on holiday with friends to somewhere special. Nothing's decided as of yet. AS level exams in the summer.

Oops too late. What's your favourite colour? I chose red because of the English flag.
My favourote colour is a shade of aqua blue, not disimilar to that of my eyes, my one redeeming feature when it comes to my looks.

Looks like I'm heading for a big win in PopCon, as well.

Originally Posted by Naudio Spanlatine View Post
Gosh i havent been here, either in so long, wtf is wrong with me
Hey Dee. Been deestroying the opposition in PopCon, eh?
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