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Re: 2012 MTF Popularity Contest 4th Round

(1) tripwires vs. (33) Sham Kay tripy has zero personality and is boring, so Sham Kay gets the nod

(16) Maria_V vs. (17) Sunset of Age Always against the Miss save the whales/I'm so smart

(8) Sonja1989 vs. (25) Mateya Di is my friend and I like her a lot, but she's a massive fave and I like Mateya too so.....
(9) Corey Feldman vs. (24) Litotes

(4) Kat_YYZ vs. (29) tennizen No explanation needed here
(13) Nole Rules vs. (20) GSMNadal I like both guys but Nole Rules is No1etard
(5) Hewitt=Legend vs. (28) Mark Lenders And the vote goes to Mug Clownders.

(12) Johnny Groove vs. (21) mimi My dear friend

(63) Naudio Spanlatine vs. (31) IncrediBale Both are my friends, but because I think Dee is a fave, vote goes to Dom
(15) 156mphserve vs. (18) arm
(7) viruzzz vs. (39) masterclass
(10) leng jai vs. (23) Chirag

(3) Nole Fan vs. (30) Voo de Mar
(14) Orka_n vs. (19) Deathless Mortal Garbage poster vs funny, quality poster

(6) The Bulldog vs. (27) Eden
(11) Pirata vs. (22) BroTree123 No vote for annoying fangirl
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