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Re: Johnny Mac: Fed, Djokovic should let emotions out

Originally Posted by Yolita View Post
I agree, and that's why the most compelling rivalry is Djokovic/Federer. Not only for the quality of their matches, they bring out the best in each other, but also because it's quite clear that they have never liked each other. There are fireworks every time they play. Great stuff...
mostly in your head from your personal history and what you heard about them (quite a lot of other Djokofans, esp. Serbian ones, also feel like that apparently), not so much from what we see now and from what others like me may feel : I don't ignore their early personal opposition more than you, but when I see them playing now, I mostly see a tennis opposition, nothing else.

Others have something else in their mind and are more excited and feel a more personal opposition when Fed and Nadal face each other, it's still the most appealing opposition for most fans.

And some Murray-fans like Muzzalovah and others who were touched by some Fed's words surely feel a lot of tension when Murray faces Fed, some others it's against Nadal the nemesis or Djokovic the generation opponent ...

it's mostly a matter of what a fan has in mind.

Personally I feel most tension when Fed faces Nadal, for you it's when Djokovic faces Fed (and when Fed loses to Djokovic, I feel no tension at all, seriously it's the least disappointing losses for me ), for others like Murrayfans it's something else ...

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