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Re: 2012 MTF Popularity Contest News Thread

Originally Posted by djokovicgonzalez View Post
I seem to recall you were a fan of badrepping me when you first came on here (I've only ever bad repped one person, and that's pusher for life)
Then again, I miggghhhttt have mocked the username
I usually never badrep anyone. But i dunno i guess i got too carried away.
Yes you were one of them that mocked my username.
Don't worry i forgive you.

Its like every time i do something, say something, or even explain something, its always, "What the hell do you know, you like a pusher who's so dull to watch, so how the hell are you gonna know anything about tennis, if you like a player who ruined the game of tennis", its like how much hate can you get of this guy, what has he ever done to you? I feel like i have to put on my shield and go hard and start defending myself everytime someone talks bad about Nadal and some other players i like, but mostly nadal.

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