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Re: Johnny Mac: Fed, Djokovic should let emotions out

McEnroe speaks like Wilander as the TV professional entertainer he is now.

Much more interesting is what he says about Lendl imo : I would like to know more about those famous Lendl jokes

Originally Posted by Johnny Groove View Post
Borg's book, Bjorn says when he was playing, he was calm outer, but he was absolutely destroying things inside.
Borg is known as the biggest star tennis had before Federer, and he showed absolutely nothing : maybe tells you something about people's tastes in tennis

I disagree with what Djokovicgonzalez says about the absolute need for players to show emotions (and it's a former big-Noah fan who speaks ) : I think the sport itself has enough tension if one's really a fan of the sport, now I know tennis well enough to feel the tension inside the game itself whatever emotions the player shows ... and most of the time I'm there thinking about the player I support in this or that match "focus there focus there" and "you can do it" if he's behind or "don't relax, it can turn" if he's ahead, things like that ... I constantly want him to fully focus rather than be driven by the failure or success on previous point. Of course I feel different when he's behind or ahead and I'm happy when he wins the point and especially big points but then it's "focus there focus there" again

Originally Posted by manadrainer View Post
Anyway I think showing a poker face it's a great advantage in tennis. I've heard many Fed's opponent mentioning that not seeing him angry or upset when he's losing makes them nervous cause he seems to be always in control and ready to turn around the match.
I often read things about that and the famous "body language" from the Wilander guy especially, but as I read from another top-player, if it's only a body language and nothing inside, it's not really important : it has to be something real, more impressive for the opponent is that Fed doesn't start playing worse like somebody who doesn't believe anymore (as Murray does sometimes, and Djokovic more seldom but also in a lesser extent), and even changes things and accelerates : that's what Benneteau said of their match in Wimbledon for instance. Also playing very solid on big points. Nadal is also well-known for that : when he's lost previous set, you can be sure he will accelerate in the beginning of next set for instance and that's something which impresses the opponent a lot whatever face he has, the opponent is mostly impressed by how tough the match is and he has to wonder "can I really do it ?"

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